WITHIN the space of five minutes yesterday, National Police in Palma were forced to handle three emergencies, all of them taking place in the same stretch of Calle Aragon.

Putting the police to the test were a woman who wanted to commit suicide, a driver who suddenly became violent and a young man who was on the run from the security forces.

At around 1.15pm, the National Police were informed that a woman had been spotted walking past El Vivero at 290 Calle Aragon with a knife in her hands after attempting to take her own life with it. Police calmed her and arranged for her transfer to hospital.

An instant later, passers-by reported to the same group of police that a young man some metres away was hitting his car violently whilst another youth and a girl were inside. When police tried to calm the young man, he started screaming and had to be wrestled to the ground.

A moment afterwards, police arrested a young man who was wanted by the law, and who quite by chance had been spotted in Calle Aragon.