THE Balearics will have 5'000 more moorings by 2015, 25 percent more than at present.
Over the next seven years, 47'300 new moorings will be made available around the Spanish coast, according to the ports authority, to supply increased demand.

The nautical sector is an important part of the tourist economy in the Balearics.
On average, 140 euros a day is spent here by those using the Islands' port facilities.
The Balearic Minister for the Environment, Miguel Angel Grimalt, who was attending the nautical fair in Madrid, said the lack of moorings during the high season was a “deficit”.

He added that visitors to the Islands by boat generated a lot of money in the economy as they had high spending power.
The Balearics currently has 19'993 moorings, 14'635 of which are in Majorca.