Palma.—The SFM Majorcan Railway Company proudly brought its new fast service between Palma and Marratxi yesterday but shop stewards claim that safety measures have been over looked with only one driver on the train which could pose a threat to the safety of the staff and passengers.

Nevertheless, the railway company is pleased with the new link between the capital and the growing commuter town which will take just 14 minutes and also cut six minutes off the journey time from Inca to Sa Pobla.

The Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Planning, Biel Company was on board for the inaugural journey.
He said that this new service is part of the government's commitment to improving the island's railway service, a statement which will be contested today by the movement in favor of the Arta railway line which this current government pulled the plug on as part of its austerity measures.

Nevertheless, those using the Palma to Marratxi service will welcome the faster service.