SOME 250 vehicles have been taken off the streets of Palma since the council began a collection campaign in the middle of January.
Of these, 97 were brought by the owners to one of the council's decontamination and destruction facilities. The other 153 were collected by the council from the street after owners filled in the necessary paperwork .

According to Joaquín Rodríguez, who is in charge of mobility at the council, the number of vehicles being taken off the streets has risen from 50 per month to 125.

But Rodriquez said that not everyone is getting the message. The council was forced to take 30 abandoned cars off the streets, levying fines of 1'350 euros.

Rodríguez explained that fines are imposed when the owners of abandoned cars don't get in touch with the council voluntarily and the council have to remove the vehicles from the street.

Rodríguez said he was satisfied with the results of the campaign driven by his department. He added that it was a “question of justice” that abandoned cars are removed from parking spaces so that other motorists could use them.

Rodríguez pointed out debts on a vehicle were not cancelled just because the owner got in contact with the council to have it removed from the street.
Those who wish to bring vehicles to one of the council's facilities need only to fill in a form and present their driving licence and a copy of their DNI.

Those who wish to have the authorities collect their vehicle from the street must fill in a form saying they are relinquishing it and present their driving licence and a copy of their DNI at one of the eight UIAP offices in Palma or at the Local Police.

The cost of having a car removed is 47.75 euros while a motorbike is 27 euros.