STAFF REPORTER SHORT term plans are being considered by the Council of Majorca to put a freeze on the amount of rubbish being generated on the island and to reduce it in the long term.

Apart from waste control being an environmentally-friendly policy, the Council wants to bring down the high charges of urban rubbish collection and recycling.

Speaking yesterday after a presentation of the Council's objectives for 2009 to 2011, Minister for the President's Office, Cosme Bonet said that it's a strategy the regional government wants to address within its present term of office. “It's not going to be a question of an immediate reduction,” he said “but what we don't want is for the rubbish tax to keep going up over the next few years.” He added that because the project formed part of the election manifesto of the Balearic Socialist Party, there will have to be a major drive to this end on the part of the combined forces of the regional Environment and Tax ministries. “We are one of the few parts of the country which is making a full scale attempt to tackle the issue of uncontrolled fly tipping across all municipalities. Not only are we are addressing the problem of waste treatment and recycling but we are also rewarding those local authorities which promote selective rubbish collection, making it easier for glass, paper, cardboard and plastic containers to be reused.”