Palma.—Palma's Tourism Councillor, Alvaro Gijon, yesterday announced that this summer, Palma will have extra tourism information centres.
The new service is going to be outsourced to a private company and apart from providing basic information, the outlets will also sell souvenirs, entrance tickets to museums, monuments and shows.

Those manning the information centres will also be able to recommend restaurants and shops.
Gijon explained that the concession, which will be put out to tender for 315'000 euros, involves the winning bidder taking over the four existing tourist information centres in Casal Solleric, Plaza de España, Parc de la Mar and the Playa de Palma and staffing them with trained and knowledgeable people, as well as operating two mobile information centres during the months of April, May and October and two more from June to September, the peak of the summer season.

Gijon said that, add to those the information centres in the airport and the Port of Palma, the capital will have a total of ten information points this season.

The mobile information centres will be open every day between 9am and 8pm and they will also be required to document all the complaints or comments made by holiday makers.

Gijon said that the council wants to have a more “proactive” approach to tourist information by not only interacting more with visitors and being able to provide in-depth information, the centres will be able to sell merchandise approved by the Palma 365 Tourism Foundation.

Gijon said that a similar public/private venture has already proved successful and profitable in Barcelona.