Palma.—As a result, eight people were arrested in connection with the armed raid on a property in Cas Catala in the early hours of January 6.
Teams of armed members of the Guardia Civil's serious crime squad mounted the simultaneous raids early yesterday morning, storming houses in the conflictive Palma neighbourhood of Son Gotleu and Cala Mayor.

The thieves tied the owners of the property up at knife point, threatened their lives and then stole 31'000 euros, various credit cards, mobile phones and computer equipment.

In response, Operation Swyper was mounted and yesterday, the Guardia Civil were given the green light to storm and search three properties.
As a result various of the stolen items were recovered, along with a selection of drugs.
All of the eight suspects are Romanian and are apparently also involved in prostitution and drugs dealing.
Last night, Guardia Civil sources said that the investigation remains live and that further arrests could be made over the coming days as they continue with their investigation and question the suspects.