RESTRUCTURING of the Emergency department of Son Llàtzer hospital located east of Palma is going to mean that patients will receive swifter attention in greater safety.

Reformation work which began last Thursday aims to separate treatment areas for children and adults, and to redesign the sections currently set aside for Administration, Admissions and Security.

Management sources at the hospital confirmed that there are also plans to ensure that people arriving at the Emergency department are better acquainted with treatment procedures. Patients will be issued with a brochure giving background information to what they can expect when arriving as an Emergency case, and provided with digital information screens which will show approximate waiting time.

A major feature of the works will be the enlargement of the Security section, currently comprising a single open office space, so that greater control can be exercised over the whole of the Emergency department. Admissions is to merge with the patient ”help desk” so that people feel they are being dealt with directly, as opposed to as a number in a queue from behind screens.

From the Admissions point, adult patients will be directed to a separate consulting room where they will be waiting a maximum of 10 minutes. Here, their case will be assessed by medical staff who will categorise the level of urgency into Priority I, II, and III. From here, patients will pass on to the Emergency waiting room. This area, once consisting of one large hall, will now be split up into more comfortable sections with television and information screens showing just how long Emergency admissions can expect to wait, taking into account their priority level.

Children will be processed separately, passing directly to a sectioned off Emergency waiting room. The treatment room for youngsters will be refurbished in what is now the Observation unit which is to be relocated to the first floor. Identification stickers will be given to relatives.