ERIC Pickles, Chairman of the Conservative Party, launched a campaign in Majorca yesterday to revive the expatriate vote stating that just because you live abroad you shouldn´t be isolated from British politics.

The setting for his rally yesterday in Majorca couldn´t have been more different that your usual constituency in Britain, Palmanova was basking in a late winter heatwave but the message was the same, “whatever the British government does affects every British citizen across the globe.” This new initiative by the Conservative Party in Majorca, which has been covered by both the BBC and the Guardian newspaper, comes at a time when expatriates are feeling the pinch with the pound at record low levels against the euro and interest on savings almost nonexistent. One of the first things the Blair government did when they came to power in 1997 was to change the law meaning that only expatriates who had lived outside Britain for less than 15 years (rather than twenty under the Tories) could vote in British elections. The Chairman of the Conservatives promised that this would be something that they would look at if and when they were returned to government.