SIX people, the majority of them under-age, have been arrested by police in Palma in what was judged to be a major pitch battle between rival Latin and North African gangs.

Messages had been sent out by mobile phone and the internet by members planning an armed confrontation between South American and Moroccans in Plaza de Santa Elizabeth last Friday night.

Shortly before 8pm, Local Police had begun to receive calls from neighbours in Calles Luna, Nuño Sanz, Aragon and Reyes Católicos alerting them to the presence of armed youths mostly aged between 15 and 18.

Apart from six arrests, police who intervened after being alerted by residents said that a serious blood bath had been avoided. There were some 40 people aiming to take part in the pitch battle who had brought an assortment of pocket knives, hunting knives, iron bars, broken bottles and sticks. The weapons were finally impounded by the security forces.

Before the police brought proceedings to a halt however, the gangs had time to inflict considerable damage on cars and motorcycles parked near the “battlefield.” A motorbike belonging to one gang member was thrown into a rubbish container by his rivals.