STAFF REPORTER FARMERS in Porreres are delighted that their long-time dream of having a communal supply of water for irrigation is about to become a reality. For years, a crop growing co-operative in the central Majorcan municipality have been calling for the scheme and now more than 60 farmers managing some 200 hectares of land have held the first series of meetings to discuss tapping into a reservoir for holding recycled water strictly for irrigation.

Esperança Mora, the co-operative's Managing Director and a founding member of the scheme to use recycled water for irrigation, explained yesterday that with the rise of population numbers in the municipality of Porreres the excess of recycled water provides an ideal opportunity to set up infrastructure for it to be used for crop irrigation.

Mora said that not only does the scheme offer an environmentally-friendly way to use recycled water but it will also allow the natural underground fresh water aquifers a chance to recover their levels. Although the idea has been in the offing for several years, it is only over the past few months that farmers belonging to the co-operative have been firming up the practicalities of introducing the irrigation scheme. “The farmers can now see a way of injecting new life into the countryside,” Mora said.