THE widening of the Palma to Manacor road by the Majorca Union Party-led Council of Majorca during the previous centre right Partido Popular party's legislature is the latest project to have come under scrutiny by the fraud squad and yesterday, six people were held and questioned by the National Police.

A media blanket was yesterday put on “Operation Road Toll” but it is understood that the investigation remains open and that all six of those questioned yesterday were involved in the construction project. None have held any kind of public office.

According to sources close to the operation, the national police fraud squad was ordered to put Operation Road Toll into operation yesterday morning.
The investigation is based around apparently irregular financial transactions which have come to light in the road widening project.
It appears that the National Police are examining possible bribery and the mismanagement of public funds.
Work began on widening and improving the Palma to Manacor road on June 11, 2004 and the project cost 140 million euros to complete.
Questioning of the six suspects began yesterday afternoon and most were expected to have been released over night but police are not ruling out further arrests as they continue with their inquiries. The Council of Majorca was making no comment yesterday.