Palma.—The white elephant of the concrete and steel shell of the convention centre and adjacent hotel on Palma's sea front in continuing to cause the city council a major headache.

Last month, the council announced its intention to try and sell the uncompleted hotel for between 30 and 40 million euros in order to raise necessary funds to try and complete the construction of the convention centre.

Jesus Valls, Palma City Councillor for Urban Development has estimated that six months more work is needed on the hotel and about a year on the convention centre.

But now, in order to make the property more attractive, the council intends to modify the planning law so that the hotel and its parking spaces are considered a capital asset and can be sold off as a private entity to the convention centre.

Valls has also announced that permission is going to be granted so that the convention centre can be used for social and cultural events, which will enable the council to maximise its use and generate more revenue from the complex once, and if, completed.

Valls claims that by classing the hotel as a capital asset does not make much of a difference considering that it could always be used for weddings, banquets, exhibitions and conventions.

The real significance of the modification in the planning statutes is that the convention centre will be able to be used for a much wider variety of events.

In the meantime, however, the council still needs to push the motions through the chamber and then find a buyer for the five star hotel.