By Humphrey Carter POLICE investigating the suspicious death of a German family in Ibiza on Wednesday night said yesterday evening that they suspect the parents killed their 12-year-old son before taking their own lives as part of an alleged suicide pact. The three bodies were found at the apartment the family had been renting for the past 18 months in the popular area of La Marina in Ibiza town, after family members in Germany contacted the local police. They had apparently been trying to call the flat but there was no reply. When police eventually forced their way into the property on Wednesday night they found the three people dead with plastic bags over their heads. The 40-year-old mother and 57-year-old father were found in the bedroom, their 12-year-old son was found in an adjoining room. Next to the parents' bodies, a box of tablets was found along with a note written in German which simply said “we're neither comfortable nor happy in this world.” Last night detectives were still awaiting the results of the autopsy but Jose Manuel Bar, the central governemnt's man representative in Ibiza, said that “a large quantity of tablets and alcohol were found at the scene” and that the police's theory is likely to be corroborated by the results of the autopsy. Sources said that the plastic bags were used to speed up the effects of the tablets and quicken their deaths although the son is not thought to have been part of the suicide pact. The National Police are therefore dealing with a double suicide and murder case - police suspect the son was plied with tablets and alcohol. It was also revealed yesterday that neither of the adults have been working and their son was not regularly attending school. Neighbours told investigators yesterday that the family appeared to be a normal, happy household. Some said that the parents were “a bit reserved” at times, no one had any idea that they might have had financial problems “we never heard them arguing or anything strange like that,” one shocked neighbour said yesterday. What is more, the couple maintained very close and regular relations with their families in Germany, hence why those trying to contact the family on Wednesday called the police. As detectives continued with their investigations last night, José Manuel Bar described the incidents as one of the worst to have happened in Ibiza in recent times.