By Humphrey Carter THE UK is the biggest purchaser of maritime and aeronautical fuel and equipment in the Balearics but, as the region's largest export client, the UK's shopping list is endless. As the Bulletin reported yesterday, the UK is the Balearics' biggest export market and, according to data provided by the Spanish Institute for Overseas Commerce, the region's third largest export to the UK last year was footwear, although trade was slightly down on the previous year. Essential oils is another big market while vehicles, mostly former rental cars, tractors and farming equipment are the fifth biggest export market. The famous Sa Pobla potato exports, along with other vegetables and plants, are part of a 5.7 million euro deal with the UK. Cultivated pearls, another of Majorca's world famous products, and precious stones are also one of the Balearics' top ten products - Minorca is the heart of the region's jewellery business. Balearic furniture, most of it fabricated in Majorca, is also in big demand in Britain. Ironically, the decorative and blown glass market, another of the region's great traditions, has taken a down turn over the past three years. Clothing, fuelled by the revival of Ibizan fashions and designs, has enjoyed a boom in trade over the past two years. However, the Balearic wine and liquor market, which is enjoying rapid growth, is another sector in which exports to the United Kingdom have steadily declined since 2003. Three years ago, the UK imported over 40'000 euros worth of Balearic wines and spirits, last year just 7'000 euros of business was done. However, these small decreases did nothing to halt the further growth of Balearics exports to the UK which rose by nine percent last year.