By Jason Moore

POLICE re-inforcements look set to be sent to the Balearics as detectives can no longer cope with the massive workload caused by the recent cases of alleged political corruption.

Civil Governor Ramon Socias admitted yesterday that both the National Police and Civil Guard were having problems coping with their growing workload. “Both police services have appealed to their superiors for more officers,” said Socias yesterday.

He went on to say that specialised detectives were working around the clock for judges and prosecutors who were investigating cases of alleged corruption which have seen a series of senior politicians from the Majorcan Unionist Party and the Partido Popular questioned and in some cases charged with the mis-use of public funds.

Socias said that at least 80 officers were still working on the so-called Andratx case where the former Mayor and town council planning officer, among others, were arrested for allegedly receiving bribes in return for building licences. Socias said that there were at least a dozen of cases, all relating to political corruption, which required a large number of officers.

The Civil Governor praised the work of the local police forces and said that apart from the “political cases” there was also their more normal work including the war on organised crime.

Socias said that the police also had a growing workload combating so-called juvenile gangs in Palma.