PALMA THERE has been an anticyclone over the north Atlantic since Monday and a violent storm in the East which points to a progressive, generalised and noticeable fall in temperature in all regions of Spain except the Canaries, with minimum temperatures of below zero in many places on the mainland.

The National Meteorological Institute (INM) forecast that this wave of cold air will arrive between Monday and Wednesday, causing bad weather, which will be windy and cold in the north and centre of Spain and the Balearics.

Minimum temperatures will fall below zero in many places on the mainland “but will be more pronounced on Wednesday and Thursday”, and the wind, which will be very strong in the Cantabria area, the north east and the Balearics, will increase the cold feeling in these areas.

There will be moderate rainfall in the north, where it could be persistent, and a lighter rainfall in the centre of the mainland and the Balearics.
There will be snow at low levels in the north, generally above 800 metres although in some localities it could be lower than 400 metres.