THE war of words over the site of the Mallorca Cricket Club in Magalluf took a new twist yesterday with Partido Popular Calvia councillor Kate Mentink saying that the Cricket Club would have to move because all parties on the Calvia council, including the Socialists, had voted in favour of new planning rules which meant that the Club couldn't stay on its present site. But the leader of the opposition Socialist Party disagreed saying that the new planning laws did not necessarily affect the site of the Cricket Club.

Kate Mentink, in a press release, also said that the present home of the Cricket Club was not owned by the council but private developers.
The ruling Partido Popular have found the club a new ground nearby after months of negotiations.
But the leader of opposition Socialist Party (PSOE) Carlos Manchado yesterday once again underlined the fact that if they were elected to power in the local elections in May the Club would be able to stay where it was. “Let's not forget that the Cricket Club has remained on its present site in Magalluf for many years of socialist administration. The new planning laws which were passed with our support involve up-grading Magalluf and will not affect the cricket club and its present site for many years. “I never said that the land was owned by the council but the council does have a long-term agreement with the owners,” he told the Bulletin, adding that: “I do not see any reason why this agreement can not continue for many years”.

Manchado went on to say that he believed the site of the cricket ground was being redeveloped to build an athletes track by the present council and the Balearic government. Manchado said: “there is no reason for the club to move. Even as a result of the new planning laws and the redevelopment in Magalluf, I still believe that the Cricket Club can stay where it is.” Kate Mentink said: “Mayor Delgado and I agree with the club that this sport is both an important social element in Calvia and a tourist attraction in its own right. Cricket acts as an ambassador for the municipality a fact that had not been reflected in its present location or installations. It needs a stable quality facility which it will now have in its new location in Magalluf.” Carlos Manchado said “I believe the Cricket Club should be left alone to play their game in peace. The club provides a fantastic service to the municipality.”