BALEARIC drivers have lost a total of 23'483 points from their driving licences since the inception of the new law last July.
The actual number of drivers committing offences which carry with them the loss of points from the licence was 6'234.
According to figures from the Traffic Department, the 6'234 drivers who have been fined in the Balearics, according to figures from March 8, committed a total of 6'656 traffic offences.

At national level, the figures revealed that the points lost by Balearic drivers only represent 1.7 percent of the total lost by drivers throughout Spain, which was 1'362'887 points. Also at national level there were actually 367'901 drivers who committed offences which carry loss of points, and a total of 406'322 Spanish drivers committing offences.

Actually, in Spain there were 392'641 people reported for traffic offences, of which 140'766 were for speeding, 48'076 for alcohol, 42'885 for the illegal use of a mobile phone and 74'794 for not wearing a seat belt.

The other 86'120 are still being processed, according to the Traffic Department.
Some 208 Spanish drivers have had their licences withdrawn because they lost all their points.
There have been 99'805 confirmed fines and 321'989 points withdrawn because of these. Some 269 people have lost their licences and 440 have lost more than 20 points.