Palma.—The National Police confirmed yesterday that it has broken up a highly organised international drugs ring which used women as camels to smuggle cocaine into Majorca from Bolivia.

So far, nine people have been arrested and 8.5 kilos of cocaine seized but police are not ruling out more arrests over coming days.
4'420 euros in cash was also recovered as a result of Operation Siniestra.
The drugs were hidden in items of traditional Bolivian arts and crafts and picture frames and they were transported by women who thought they were simple, presents for friends and family here in Spain. The gang was led by a 49-year-old Bolivian woman known as “Rosy” who received the drugs and then distributed it to her local dealers.

The Operation was launched last November when the National Police first learnt about Rosy's presence on the island and arrested three people carrying drugs at Palma Airport.

The National Police in Palma contacted their colleagues in Madrid, where the “camels” were catching connecting planes, and since then police in Palma and Madrid kept a close watch on certain individuals thought to be involved in the smuggling racket.