Palma.—After more than 20 years of wrangling, work finally began on demolishing the shells of an apartment complex which has stood abandoned since 1992 on the beach in Ses Covetes, Campos.

Yesterday, the demolition company began cordoning off the area and demolition work is due to get underway after Easter.
Safety experts will also spend the next few days making sure that every measure is taken to ensure that there is no chance of any danger to the general public.

The demolition order was finally issued by the Balearic High Court after decades of legal arguing over the future of the complex which has been a blot on one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the Balearics.

Once demolished, the Balearic High Court has also ruled that the area has got to be returned to its original condition.
Environmentalists and local residents who have been campaigning for the buildings to be knocked down for years, welcomed the arrival of the demolition teams yesterday.