EasyJet is changing its check-in desks to bag drop desks from April 30 in a bid to encourage more passengers to check-in online.
Passengers will be able to check-in at the airport desks during a transitional period but should only be used in “exceptional circumstances”.
The check-in desks will be transformed into bag-drop desks instead.
The spokesman added that there will not be a charge levied on passengers who still check-in at the airport during the transitional period.
The spokesman said 80% of passengers already check-in online and this move is aimed at making the airport journey easier and quicker for more passengers.

He added that the airline would be working with its partners, including travel agents, to urge them to encourage their customers to check-in online. “We will be using all our channels and working with our partners who are selling seats on our behalf,” he said. “Everyone, including the airports are very aligned with it,” he added.