By Humphrey Carter TWO city centre blocks of flats were evacuated in Palma yesterday after a car caught fire in one of the building's underground car parks. The two properties in Calle Medico Jose Dardaer were evacuated by the Local Police which also closed off the road in order to enable easy access for the fleets of ambulances and fire engines which attended the scene.

The alarm was raised just after 2.15 pm when most of the people in the two blocks of apartments were having lunch.
According to Palma fire brigade sources, a vehicle with engine problems had entered the car park moments earlier and suddenly burst into flames. A huge thick cloud of black smoke belched out from under the apartments prompting the security services to order the immediate evacuation of the buildings above. No one was injured in the incident but a number of residents were treated for panic attacks at the scene. The vehicle was completely gutted by the blaze.

Two other cars in the car park were damaged by the flames which also blackened the exterior of the ground floor apartments. Fire fighters dealt with the blaze rapidly and residents were allowed to return home as soon as the fire had been contained and extinguished.