By Jason Moore

THE ruling Partido Popular on the Calvia council unveiled their local election list of candidates on Saturday night at a gala event attended by hundreds of British residents of the municipality.

Leading the list is Manuel Onieva Santacreu who is bidding to replace Carlos Delgado as the Mayor of the municipality. Angie Guerrero, who has worked in the Foreigner´s Department of the Calvia town hall, is number 12 on the list. She is well known to the British community. Also the former leader of the Majorca Branch of the Conservatives Abroad, Peter Newey, is also standing. He is number 20 on the list.

If the Partido Popular win by the same margin as they did in 2007 then Angie Guerrero will become a councillor because the Partido Popular polled enough votes at the last elections for 12 councillors. It is highly unlikely that Peter Newey will become a councillor because he is too far down the list but he is expected to play a key role in the election campaign especially with the English speaking community. Kate Mentink, the British born councillor, is not standing again along with mayor Carlos Delgado. Both are expected to be given jobs in the Balearic government if Ramon Bauza, leader of the Partido Popular, wins the next local elections. Some of the speeches on Saturday night were in English, underlining the cosmopolitan mix in the municipality. The British vote in Calvia could play a key role in deciding who is the next Mayor.