STAFF REPORTER A man has been arrested in connection with a series of robberies at the house of a disabled person in Calvia village, Guardia Civil confirmed yesterday.

According to sources close to the investigation, 28-year-old Fernando F.C. had robbed the property four times in a week but was surprised on the fifth occasion by a party of armed officers who were ready and waiting for him.

The 65-year old victim lives alone and a while ago he fell prey to a group of bogus “gas men” who charged him exorbitently for “inspections and revisions” which were totally fraudulent.

A little more than a week ago, a spate of robberies took place at the property, all of them happening during periods when the elderly owner was out of the house.

The criminal reportedly entered the premises from the back, forcing his way through a wooden door, and leaving a trail of damage. Once inside, the robber rummaged through boxes and drawers in search of cash or anything of value.

After the first robbery, the victim went to the headquarters of the Guardia Civil in Palmanova and gave details of the break-in, but when the same person went back to report further thefts to the officers on another three occasions in the same week, investigators became seriously concerned.

The neighbourhood had become anxious over so much breaking and entering in the area, so the Guardia Civil decided to launch a permanent watch on the property. Plain clothes officers kept close to the home of the victim and waited patiently.

On Thursday afternoon, a young man carrying an axe approached the house, unaware that he was soon to be surrounded and overpowered. Fernando F.C., with no previous police record, apparently confessed to his crimes, saying that he was going through “a bad moment” economically and needed money.

Yesterday afternoon, he appeared before magistrates in Palma.