THE Balearic government gave its approval yesterday to regional President Francesc Antich's proposal for the dissolution of Parliament prior to the forthcoming local elections in May.

Plans are that voting for local councils, the individual Island Councils, and for the Balearic government should all take place on one day. Included in government guidelines drawn up yesterday were the regulation of proceedings and material that will be used at the elections, such as the places where voting will take place, the nature of the booths and the security boxes used to hold the votes.

People who are disabled will have the same rights to cast their vote as the able bodied, and anyone with total or partially impaired vision can have all necessary participation papers in braille if required.

Government spokesman Joana Barcelo said that after Parliament's dissolution on Monday, regional authorities will be focusing on making sure that Electoral Law is adhered to to the letter. She explained that the Balearic Electoral Assembly will be meeting within the next few days and it is they who will be deciding on just how far the Balearic government will be restricted by Electoral Law in the run up to voting on the 22nd May. Meanwhile, said Barcelo, the government will continue working on matters of day to day administration. Citizens, she said are able to consult website “Dit i Fet” for more details of government programmes during the run-up to the elections.