By Humphrey Carter BALEARIC president Jaume Matas yesterday flew out to Mostar at the start of a two-day visit to meet Balearic troops on the ground in Bosnia as part of the United Nations peace-keeping mission. Matas kicked off his 48-hourtour at Base Europe at Mostar airport where the Balearic-led operation is based and spoke with Balearic troops and commanders about the mission and their experiences. The “SPFOR XXVII Baleares” operation, the first Spanish mission to Bosnia to be under the orders of Balearic High Command, compromises 363 soldiers, 167 from Balearic bases and 196 from the Zaragoza-based 41st Logistics Regiment and the Marine Infantry from Cadiz. The four-month tour of duty started back in January and the troops are expected to return home next month. The main tasks of the Balearic-led mission is to enforce the Dayton Accord which involves co-operating with local police forces in the fight against organised crime and illegal arms smuggling and enforcing border controls and checks. Matas, who is accompanied on the visit by the speaker of the Balearic parliament Pere Rotger went on to visit the famous Mostar Bridge which was completely destroyed during the Bosnian war and became a symbol of the conflict. Today, Jaume Matas will be holding talks with the Mayor of Mostar, Ljubo Beslic. He will then go on to take part in a commemorative act to remember those who died during the conflict which the United Nations and the European Union still does not consider to have been completely resolved. This conflict, among many others, has claimed the lives of 21 Spanish troops.