THE rise in temperatures in the Balearics has been “greater” than that detected in the whole of the planet.
Climate change is having a greater impact on the islands because of their location at the edge of a “marginal” climatic area, according to the director of the Balearic Meteorological Observatory, Agustí Jansà, yesterday.

He added that the effects would be “more noticeable” than in other parts of the world.
Jansà was speaking before he was due to give a presentation in Palma marking World Weather Day.
The theme of World Weather Day this year is “Observing the Earth for a better future”.
Jansà said that observing the weather was “essential” to helping improve the lives of humans. “It is essential to improve predictions so that we can protect ourselves better against foreseeable natural disasters,” he said.
Jansà highlighted the recent installation of a radar as an “important advance” but said there were “always problems to resolve”. Currently only approximate information can be obtained from the radar not definite information. “It's better at the moment,” he said, “but we still need new technologies that little by little will allow us to get to the stage where we can construct a better future,” he said.

Jansà also praised the work of volunteer observers who measured rain and temperatures throughout the islands.