Staff Reporter

IN just 24 hours, two German cyclists have been seriously injured in separate accidents in s'Arenal and Can Pere Antoni in Palma.
The first happened on the Camino de Las Maravillas in s'Arenal on Thursday. A forty-year-old German man who was cycling as part of a group rode over a section of road where the tarmac had cracked. The tyre of one of the wheels became stuck in one of the cracks and the rider was thrown off at high speed.

The man suffered leg fractures and lay on the ground in considerable pain.
Emergency paramedics gave the victim first aid and he was later taken by ambulance to hospital in Palma.
The second accident took place yesterday at around 3.30 pm not very far from s'Arenal at the beach at Can Pere Antoni. A German woman of a similar age was cycling in the company of four or five friends and in just a few seconds when she lost concentration whilst looking out to sea, the victim lost control of the bike and ended up on the pavement with injuries to her hip and leg.

Emergency services were alerted and when they arrived on the scene, the women was hardly able to move. With great difficulty, the paramedics manoeuvred the victim onto a stretcher and she was taken by ambulance to hospital.

The woman was given painkillers en route to ease her suffering.