Joan Collins AT 4am some of the residents in the Calle Josep Maria Llompart in the Port d'Alcudia were woken by an intense smell of smoke coming from the street. On going out onto their balconies they discovered that three vans parked at the bottom of the street were in flames. All of the vans belonged to the company AIS Balear which deals in air conditioning. Firemen, the local police, the Guardia Civil and ambulances were called to the scene, arriving within a few minutes and shattering the peace of the night with their sirens and lights. The residents were evacuated flat by flat as the smoke had blackened the outside of the building and the interiors of some flats. They were taken to a place away from the flames because of the risk of the vehicles' fuel tanks exploding. The firemen were not able to stop two of the vans being completely burnt out and the third being seriously damaged. The company which owns the site and the vans was also informed of what had happened. The Guardia Civil examined the inside of the company's building and think that the fire was almost certainly a revenge attack, perhaps by someone who was dismissed or something similar. However, the officers are not ruling out other causes. In the last few months the local police and the Guardia Civil have been on the trail of a pyromaniac who has started fires in Alcudia and the Port d'Alcudia, and who has burnt at least nine cars. Nevertheless, on this occasion the attack does not seem to be the work of the same person as the motives seem very different.