THE Balearic Government will this year offer 28 Catalan courses aimed at immigrants with capacity for 500 students.
This will be part of the Integra programme, which is aimed at helping people arriving in the Balearics to integrate.
Details were announced by the Balearic Minister for Immigration, Encarnacion Pastor, who said that the courses will last 50 hours, be monthly and free. They will be held in the evening so that they can be attended by workers, young people and housewives.

The courses will be held in the Flassaders Social Centre, which has been supplied by Palma council, although the Minister did say that it was her intention to hold these courses in Inca and Manacor, and throughout the rest of the Balearics.

The courses will be given by three teachers employed by the Balearic Ministry of Immigration and Cooperation, and will be coordinated by the non governmental organisation Mallorca sense Fronteres.

The Ministry also reviewed its activities in 2006. There were 26 courses in which 501 people participated. The nationality with the greatest presence was Colombia (26 percent), followed by Ecuadorians (13 percent), Argentinians and Spanish (both 12 percent).