Palma.—Manacor citizens are pressuring the town council to create a new designated area for their dogs after being denied the use of other parks in the area.

Dog owners are angry they are not allowed entrance to the Auditory and Moli d'en Beio parks after being marked as “children's zones”.
They are adamant their pets should have a place “to make new friends, hang-out, and do what dogs do when they need to in a comfortable place,” and want council officials to provide authorisation to create it.

A fundraising campaign is already in place and the search for support online has also started on Facebook to make this Pipican (dog loo) project a reality and include containers and material to keep it clean too.

The Asociacion Huellas de Mallorca, which is leading the initiative, claims the council has approved laws in the past assuring dogs would have a space just for themselves in public parks but is now failing to do that.

Owners are also furious with the fact they have to carry their dogs on a leash, keep their vaccine book with them at all times, hold a dog permit certificate and pay all the taxes that come with it for very little in return and confirm the plan is to present the signatures collected and a report of their supporters to the authorities.