By Humphrey Carter

THE Balearics was given a clean bill of health yesterday after the tests carried out on two possible swine fever suspects admitted to Son Dureta Hospital in Palma suffering from flu symptoms on Monday, tested negative.

However, a second Spanish case was confirmed in Valencia and there are a further 32 people currently undergoing tests across the country.
The Balearic Minister for Health, Vicens Thomas announced the test results yesterday morning and denied that further tests were being carried out on other suspect patients.

Thomas said that the two Majorcan residents who had recently returned from Mexico, one having spent a couple of months living in the country and the other on holiday, were discharged from hospital as soon as the results were known.

Thomas explained that his department is receiving regular updates from the central government and all of the regional crisis committees are cooperating with one another. “The situation is under control,” Thomas repeated yesterday. “There is no need for anyone to be worried, life can go on as usual. “But, if you have been to Mexico and are suffering from flu-like symptoms, call 061,” he said.
The authorities are advising possible patients against rushing to hospital or their local medical centre to prevent the AH1N1 virus from being spread to other patients. 061 will instruct worried callers on the current procedures to follow. The Spanish Minister for Health, Trinidad Jimenez said yesterday that there is absolutely no need for consumers to have any hesitations about eating pork.