By Humphrey Carter

THE prime suspect in the case of missing Margarita Bestard who has not been seen since she disappeared in Arenal last October, is expected to appear before a preliminary hearing this morning in Palma.

On Tuesday morning, excavation work began at Antonio S.'s house in Arenal but no traces of human remains have been found on the premises.
However, he was yesterday questioned for over two hours by the Guardia Civil, in the company of his lawyer, but continues to proclaim his innocence and that he has absolutely nothing to do with the disappearance of the 70-year-old woman was collecting property rentals in the area on the day she went missing.

It has been discovered that the victim sold the suspect a property some years ago and that there had apparently been a dispute between the two over a receipt. Margarita Bestard's son yesterday claimed that the family know what happened and that they are all worried about the prospect of Antonio S. being released. Miguel Serra Bestard admitted that the whole family was last night extremely nervous about what is going to happen in court this morning. A wave of protests is understood to be planned in the event of the prime, and at to date lone, suspect in this case being released.