THE chief advantage of the centre is that visitors to the site of the natural phenomenon of the springs gushing to the surface from underground rivers on land at Gabellí Petit don't have to wait until the right time of the year to witness it.

People are now able to watch a 20 minute-documentary on the Fonts Ufanes which gives an in-depth explanation of the origin of the springs and comments from different experts.

The video is run twice a day - every day of the year - at 12.30pm and 3.30pm.
The information centre has been financed through an agreement between the La Caixa banking group foundation and the regional Environment ministry. As well as providing as much background information as possible to those interested in the natural springs, the management of the centre also want to engage the public of all ages in activities which will increase understanding and appreciation of the phenomenon.

Furthermore, it is planning conferences and exhibitions related to the natural environment in which the springs are located. The ministry wants these facilities to be promoted in schools, particularly where financial resources for nature excursions for children are low.

The Fonts Ufanes information centre project ultimately cost 420'000 euros to complete. Reformation was made of an already-existing building close to where the springs periodically bubble to the surface.

On the land at Gabellí Petit, signposting has been erected so that people have a selection of nature trails they can go on around the springs. Information boards at specific points in the forested area illustrate aspects of traditional country life that have been catalogued as heritage items.

Landscaping technicians from the Environment ministry have taken pains to level out the trails as much as possible so that the routes are also available to people with limited mobility.