THE number of those registered as unemployed in the Balearics dropped by 8.74 percent in April.
This means the islands were the region of Spain where unemployment fell the most last month.
There are now 41'233 out of work on the islands, 3'951 less than in March, according to statistics from the Department of Employment.
However, compared to the same period last year, unemployment has grown 20.38 percent. There are now 6'980 more out of work than in April 2007.
Among non-Spaniards, 38.51 percent more or 2'698 are out of work than the same period last year.
Of those 9'704 foreigners that are out of work, 6'338 come from countries outside of the European Union, while 3'366 are from member-states.
Some 40'507 contracts were signed in the Balearics in April, 0.67 percent or 273 less than the same period last year.
In April unemployment fell by 2'767 in Majorca, 374 in Minorca, 766 in Ibiza and 44 in Formentera..
In the whole of Spain, unemployed grew by 1.63 percent in April. There are now an extra 37'542 people out of work nationally.
The contrast between the national figure and the figure for the Balearics is most likely due to the start of the tourist season here.
Of those unemployed in the Balearics, 6'189 are under the age of 25, 3'189 are men and 3'000 are women.