Palma.—Regional government inspectors registered 89 cases of tourist businesses flouting the law last year, resulting in fines being imposed to the tune of 320'350 euros, the ministry for Tourism confirmed yesterday.

The sectors of the industry which were forced to take corrective action were bars and restaurants, travel agencies and illegal tourist accommodation where owners have not registered their renting businesses.

The ministry said that the inspection had begun at the end of April last year and had focused on making sure that cafés, bars and restaurants respected current legislation governing service and hygiene in their premises, and on the all-inclusive hotels which were rigorously monitored especially during August and September last year. A ministry spokesman said there had also been an ongoing operation underway to flush out illegal businesses and make the owners bring their properties in line with current legislation in terms of the standards that are offered clients. Tourism Planning Director Antoni Munar said that another main aim of the inspection was to avoid the visiting public having to see run down or poorly kept establishments.

The ministry wants to have control over the way the Balearic Islands are marketed whether it be on the internet, in brochures, through travel agents or magazines. Inspectors check the internet for holiday home advertising.