KING Juan Carlos watched a demonstration of detection and neutralising of mines by four Spanish naval vessels and a NATO group formed by ships from Greece, Germany, France, Italy and Turkey. The King watched the exercise from the Spanish Navy ship Tambre. He was accompanied by Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Sebastian Zaragoza Soto.
The exercise, code-named Minex-06, started in Majorcan waters on April 19.
Its objective is to train NATO forces in the detection, classification, disarming and destruction of mines, to free the seas of the threat and ensure the safety of civilian shipping. The exercise, which ends today, started with the “mining” of the bay of Palma by submarines and planes, using inoffensive artefacts, and continued with detection manoeuvres by the fleet. When the King boarded the Tambre, he witnessed a naval review in which all the ships sailed past the Spanish minesweeper and saluted him.
Once at sea, the King was transferred to another ship, the Diana, where a reception was held, before returning to the Tambre, which brought him back to the naval station at Porto Pi.