By Tim Fanning

THERE has been a mixed reaction to the Coasts Department's plans to reclaim the beach at Puerto Pollensa by lifting the coast road to Alcudia. “I don't think there's any need to do it,” said Puerto Pollensa resident Dorothy Loeffler. She questioned why there was a need for an expanded beach. She added that an expanded beach could lead to the construction of more hotels in the area.

She also wondered how any project to reclaim the beach would envisage protecting against stormy weather.
The Coasts Department is meeting with both Pollensa and Alcudia Councils to discuss the project today.
Because the current road between Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia would be scrapped, a new road would have to be constructed connecting Puerto Pollensa with the MA 2201 that connects Pollensa with the Inca-Alcudia road.

Doreen Barrow, a resident of Alcudia, said the closing of the road wouldn't make “any difference” to her as she didn't often visit Puerto Pollensa. But she also wondered about how the authorities would protect the beach from being damaged by stormy weather.

Mike Webster, who lives in Gotmar in Puerto Pollensa, said that he was “quite surprised” that a plan to remove the road to Alcudia was being considered. “I'd rather the beach was left as it was,” he said.

He added, however, that his primary gripe was the roads around Gotmar. “It's a dreadful disgrace,” he said. He added that much of the roads around the area were potholed and claimed that no repairs had been carried out for years.

He said that it seemed odd that money could be found for a new bypass of Puerto Pollensa but that the roads around Gotmar were still in such poor condition.