By Humphrey Carter

THE weather forecasters got it right yesterday and it is not going to stop raining in the Balearics until Monday - at the earliest.
But, it is not all bad news. Just days after the authorities warned that water reserves were starting to diminish and quickly, the rain has served to boost the water level.

And just at the right time with the summer season officially under way.
Rainfall this winter (October to April) was 25 percent short of the usual winter amount and has left a number of parts of Spain gripped by drought.
The rain, which was torrential during the early hours, did not cause any major problems yesterday - although a number of outdoor concerts were obviously canceled last night.

There were a few cases of minor flooding and a handful of minor car accidents on the wet roads.
All of the security and emergency services were on level one alert and they will remain on stand by today with the weather warning not expected to be lifted until tomorrow.

The temperatures will also fall slightly in the Balearics today and the south easterly winds will continue to gust moderate to strong. Minorca is going to be worst hit by the torrential rains and high winds this weekend as the belt of rain moves north east.