THE Partido Popular (PP) yesterday vowed to introduce a pioneering project in Calvia which would convert the area into a world leader in sports facilities for the disabled, if it wins the elections at the end of the month. Jaume Matas, who is seeking re-election as leader of the Balearic government, said yesterday that a pilot plan has already been drawn up, and added that “if it works, it will be extended to the other islands.” The plan has been designed by Rafael Winckekmann, who is on the PP's list of candidates for the Calvia town council, which once again is headed by Mayor Carlos Delgado. Calvia has some of the most popular resorts on the island, such as Palmanova, Magalluf, Paguera and Illetas, and Winckekmann said that the plan began with the idea to centralise the possibility of sports activities adapted to people with disabilities in the municipality, because of its ideal climate, existing amenities and natural resources. Tennis, golf, canooing, sailing, water ski-ing, handcycling, riding, diving and 4x4 rallies are some of the activities proposed in the programme, which seeks to set up areas of sharing and showing the disabled that they can do anything they set their mind on. Winckekmann stressed that the project also plans to contribute to achieving the objective that all public areas and establishments will have eliminated all their architectural barriers by 2008. Deputy leader Rosa Estarás, who is seeking election as head of the Council of Majorca, said that many disabled people in the Balearics often confine themselves to exercises related to their rehabilitation because there are no amenities adapted to their needs. She pointed out that this project will put these activities within their reach in Calvia. The plan calls for adapting public and privately owned sports facilities, and setting up a network of hotels which are adapted to the needs of the disabled, Mayor Carlos Delgado said, adding that the project would be advertised throughout Europe. The project also includes specially adapted transport systems to provide access to the installations.
Calvia has always shown a “special sensitivity” in this area, Delgado said. The project will be launched by a Foundation and there will be financial aid for establishments to help them get rid of architectural barriers.