THE Council of Majorca will expropriate Alaró Castle if the owner fails to respond to requests to honour his obligations regarding the conservation and maintenance of the building. The castle, classified as a monument of cultural interest, “is one of the most important elements of the Majorcan patrimony,” according to Bernat Aguiló of the Majorcan Socialist Party (PSM), who presented the original proposal. However, part of it is privately owned, and part is publicly owned, which makes it difficult to manage.
The original proposal was to start expropriation procedings immediately, but was later amended, to give the owner more time. It had the backing of all the political parties on the Council. The castle has elements which date from the Roman period to the 18th century.
In the 13th century, Alaro remained faithful to King Jaime II of Majorca, and opposed the occupation of the island by Alfonso II of Aragon.