AS the Bulletin reported yesterday, half of Berliners are “irritated” by the World Cup and, according to Air Berlin, Germans desperate to get away from the football next month are going to start flocking to Majorca. With many Germans trying to flee the World Cup and Britons turning their backs on Turkey because of bird flu, bookings are apparently down 28 percent, and Egypt because of the recent terrorist attacks which have also led to a sharp drop in bookings, Spain, and primarily the Balearics, are proving the most popular alternative destinations. Alvaro Middelmann, president of the Majorcan Tourist Board and responsible for Air Berlin's operations in Spain and Portugal, told the Balearic Tourism Commission yesterday that the German's quota of holidays to the Balearics during the World Cup next month is “quite possibly” all sold. In the UK, those who can not make it to Germany to watch the football are planning on enjoying the World Cup in the sunshine.