THE hostelry sector of the powerful UGT (General Workers Union) trades union has called on members and supporters to vote for the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and in particular for Antoni Manchado, the socialist candidate for Mayor of Calvia. “Either we ask for the vote for the PSOE or we're in trouble,” Antonio Copete, the secretary general of the union's hostelry sector told the audience at a debate organised by the UGT and the PSOE in Palmanova.
This was said in the presence of Lorenzo Bravo, the union's secretary general, who had not yet made any public commitment similar to that announced by Copete.

During the debate, Copete complained that under the Partido Popular (PP), Calvia had lost its leadership in the tourist industry. “The PP doesn't take any notice of us, (Mayor) Carlos Delgado has abandoned tourism,” he claimed.
Antoni Manchado, for his part, accused the PP in Calvia of “going directly against the interests of the tourist industry” and he invited those present to “give the PP a lesson at the polls.” Four years ago, Mar- “Carlos
Delgado has abandoned tourism” claims trade union official garita Nájera, Manchado's predecessor as candidate for Mayor, failed to obtain the same commitment from Copete.
Calvia has a large number of non-Spanish European Union residents who are eligible to vote in the municipal elections and its list of candidates includes a German.
Yesterday, representatives of the socialist party were having talks with British businessmen in the Calvia area.