A 36-year-old male driver was killed yesterday morning when he lost control of his Opel Astra and crashed into the entrance of the La Romana tunnel in Peguera.

The tragic accident happened just after 9am when Jose Maria Dean apparently lost control of his vehicle, swerved across the road and collided with the tunnel entrance, according to Guardia Civil sources. The protection barriers were recently removed from the stretch of road where the accident occurred and therefore there was nothing to have prevented the Opel Astra from hitting the tunnel wall.

The accident caused serious disruption to traffic and long traffic jams.
A number of drivers witnessed the crash and the 112 emergency number was flooded with calls.
A team of 061 paramedics rushed to the scene and tried to comfort and treat the victim while fire fighters cut him out of the wreckage.
Paramedics battled to save the driver's life but he died at the scene from multiple injuries.
The wreckage vehicle was eventually removed from the scene an hour-and-a-half later and traffic finally returned to normal as crash investigators continued trying to establish what caused the accident.