Palma.—The President of the Balearics has sparked controversy by naming Veronica Hernandez, Miss Baleares 2009, as his new secretary.
The former model replaces Elvira Bonnail who has served the President ever since he came to power two years ago and the women's rights group Lobby de Dones has criticised the appointment.

Speaks English
However, Hernandez is a qualified journalist who speaks English and German and has worked for various media outlets including the radio station Cope.
She also studied fashion in Munich and has also regularly said that she has always been interested in the world of politics.
Nevertheless, her appointment by Bauza - who made the decision alone - has also ruffled a few feathers in government and went viral on social media networks.

But, those who have come to her defense have stressed that she is much more than a pretty face.
She is also qualified in online marketing and speaks various languages which is important in modern politics, especially on an island which is dependent on tourism, primarily British and German.

Ironically, on the jury of the Miss Baleares 2009 pageant at Festival Park was her new boss in his capacity as the Mayor of Marratxi - where Festival Park is located.

He is reported to have awarded her top marks back then and now a position which is said to be worth around 46'000 euros per year.
Hernandez has managed to have avoided the press and the controversy so far.
All that she has said is that her CV and experience speaks for herself and that is why she was appointed amidst Bauza's mid term cabinet reshuffle which also surprised a few people.

And, this is not the first time the Partido Popular have been in the headlines for their hiring and firing.
Mister Baleares
The former Presidential Minister and current PP EuroMP for the Balearics, Rosa Estaras, hired Humberto Rivas as an advisor.
Despite being a qualified lawyer, his appointment made the headlines because he was proclaimed Mister Baleares in 2000 and ‘Chico Martini' that same year.

That is now political history, but with Hernandez having hardly got her feet under the table in the government's headquarters, she may well remain in the spotlight for some time yet.