THE socialist candidates in the Balearics started their “door to door” campaign in Palma yesterday, to explain their electoral programme to residents and ask for their vote.
Francesc Antich, candidate for the government, accompanied by Francina Armengol (Council of Majorca) and Aina Calvo (Mayor of Palma) chose the Levente area to start the campaign.
One of the main objectives is to explain the new law on the suburbs under which the socialists plan to spend 15 million euros in their first year, if they win the elections.
This includes major refurbishment in areas which will be agreed between the town and island councils. It is designed to make use of what has already been built, in order to avoid destroying more territory, Antich said.
Calvo expressed her commitment to “improve life in each and every one of the suburbs of Palma.” Armengol said that they were campaigning together to trasmit the need for the various institutions to work together to make the most of their policies. Transparency and participation will be two of the key words of the campaign.