Joan Collins A team of 20 lifeguards have started work on the five beaches within the jurisdiction of Palma council, working from 10am to 6pm during the high season to make them safer for bathers. This action is part of Palma council's Plan for Beach Services and Quality, which incorporates other actions such as cleaning, safety, analysis of the water, and infrastructures. This year there has been a rise in budget of 84'000 euros. The Beach Plan, whose details were given yesterday, incorporates plans for cover by 20 lifeguards, working from 11am to 5pm in the low season (from May 15 to June 15 and September 24 to October 7), and from 10am to 6pm in the high season (June 16 to September 23). The plan, which has the collaboration of the Red Cross and Llucmajor council, has had an increase in its budget this year, from the 183'000 which was invested in 2005 to 267'000 euros in 2006. Of this quantity, 242'382.27 euros will be supplied by Palma council, the remainder being supplied by Llucmajor council, while the Red Cross will be in charge of beach safety and will provide the team of 20 lifeguards. A team of 12 lifeguards is planned for the Playa de Palma (one of these will be shared with the Arenal beach area). They will have at their disposal one first aid post, three watch towers and a point of access for invalids. Two lifeguards will be allocated to Can Pere Antoni who will have a first aid post, one watch tower and a point of access for invalids, while on the beach in the Ciudad Jardin two lifeguards will be on duty daily, with a first aid post, one watch tower and a point of access for invalids. There will also be two lifeguards on duty daily on the beach at Cala Mayor. They will have one first aid post, one watch tower and a point of access for invalids. As for Cala Estancia, this beach will have two lifeguards, one first aid post and one watch tower. The cleaning of the beaches is done by concessionary companies, with the exception of the beach at Can Pere Antoni which is done by the municipal company Emaya, who are also in charge of cleaning various bathing areas.