Palma.—Marratxi Council yesterday waged war on the tiger mosquitoes which are causing problems across the island this summer.
The council has launched an awareness and information campaign which not only involves leaflets which include information about what action to take in the event of being bitten by one, but also preventative measures such as what to do if a lava is found.

The breeding season begins at the end of this month and continues until September and as temperatures begin to rise, this only fuels their breeding.
The idea of the campaign mounted in Marratxi is to channel all tiger mosquito calls through the 112 emergency centre and then from there, the callers will be diverted to the relevant department.

By having a central control base, it not only means that the caller will receive quickly assistance but also that all the data relating to the activities of tiger mosquitoes on the island can be collated and passed on to the Ministry for Environment and Agriculture, Health, the Civil Protection department, the Balearic University and other local councils.

Tiger mosquitoes can grow up to 10 centimetres in length and in Asia are common for carrying illnesses and disease however, here in Majorca no evidence of that has been found.

That said, they have a strong sting which can be very painful.
Their favourite breeding grounds are pools of stagnant water and during the first two weeks of June a number of councils will be laying traps as the mosquitoes begin to mate.