SKY HD will be available in Majorca around the end of the month, according to the latest reports.
High Definition TV is probably the biggest revolution since colour superseded black and white, and offers a clearer, brighter picture.
New receivers will be needed, and Ocean Television believes that the first ones will retail for between 599 and 720 euros in Majorca.
Most of the latest flat screen TVs (LC, Plasma) are prepared for Sky HD, and the European Union has set a standard called “HD ready” which means that the set can use Sky HD. From past experience with Sky Plus receivers, Ocean Television has calculated a 1.7m dish will be needed in the south of Majorca, and a 1.4 metre dish anywhere north of Inca. The dish make and size will be the key to success or failure of a SKy HD system. The signal quality will be improved not by the size of the dish but more by the make and the type of metal used in the dish manufacturing, according to Ocean.
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